Best Ecommerce Lead Generation Software Tools: 2022

The sheer size of the eCommerce industry is mind-boggling. In 2018, online shoppers spent a whopping $517 million only on US merchants. The opportunities to make big sales are undeniably present, but it is necessary to have a sound lead generation system to make use of the opportunities presented to you. Studies suggest that more than 97% of store visitors will leave without having purchased anything. Considering that, you need to fine-tune the process, drive high-quality traffic to your site, and subsequently improve your lead generation pathways by making irresistible offers. Besides that, you need to nurture your leads that do not convert instantly with effective means to make sure that they are not lost forever. There are some brilliant tools available in the market to serve this purpose. You can use one of the best eCommerce lead generation software tools to help you expand and keep the customers visiting your site.

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Lead Generation Software Tools?

Given that there are different types of eCommerce websites available and each of them is unique in its way, it is impossible that one eCommerce lead generation software tool would be effective for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to understand the demands of your business and analyze which lead generation software could fulfill what. 


They understand that you need much more than an attractive design to make an effective site. They help you conduct user tests to learn more about how your site’s visitors respond to certain elements. Then, you can make data-backed decisions about your site with a focus on matching their needs. It will help you drive engagement on your site and develop a design that’s intuitive for your users. It can also help you create streamlined user flows throughout your pages to increase your conversions and ROI.


  • With Snapshots, you can monitor each page’s performance, as well as the changes you make and the results you see with each change.
  • With Heatmap, you get a visual representation of where users click on your site, and it shows which elements on your page get the most attention and are being ignored.
  • With Confetti, you can see where people are clicking on your pages and also their clicks.
  • With Scrollmap, you can see how far down a page visitors typically go before leaving. 
  • Their Overlay report isolates each clickable element on a page, which helps understand specific links and buttons beyond the general area. 

Pricing: Their Basic plan costs $24 per month, and their Standard plan costs $49 per month. Their Plus plan, which is the most popular, costs $99 per month, and their Pro plan costs $249 per month. 


Proof believes that customer-obsessed marketing is the best marketing strategy and helps convert 300% more leads and sales. They allow you to personalize your website for every visitor. They allow you to personalize your SaaS company’s site to boost leads, demos, and trials and overall expand your reach.


  • With Proof Experience, you can personalize your website for each visitor without writing a single line of code.
  • Helps create a more relevant experience according to your visitor’s traits, behavior, and data.
  • You can use their API or Segment to send in any traits and events you’re tracking.
  • With Proof Pulse, you can build visitor’s trust, create urgency, and increase conversions by 10-15% per page. 

Pricing:  Their Basic plan shows social proof notifications to increase leads and sales for $29 each month. Their Pro plan costs $79. Their Premium plan costs $199 per month, and their Platinum plan costs $299 per month. They also offer a custom plan.


They bring you a new way for businesses to buy from businesses. They help you get your go-to-market teams together to deliver personalized customer experiences in real-time, so you can increase your revenue, shorten your sales cycles, and strengthen your brand. Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform helps you deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences – all the time, across all your channels, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


  • It helps in having personalized conversations with them to engage, qualify, and convert them into a pipeline in real-time, day or night. 
  • Their deep integrations with your sales and marketing platforms, you can engage every website visitor with an instant, personalized experience based on who they are.
  • It automatically prioritizes your team’s target accounts, centralizes insights about the buying committee and how they’re engaging, and gives you the context and tools to reach out. 
  • Their market-leading conversational AI helps you scale your team to drive more revenue.

Pricing: Their Free plan helps generate qualified leads through conversations with your website visitors. Their Premium plan helps create pipelines and revenue by engaging prospects and customers with personalized experiences in real-time. Their Enterprise plan helps accelerate revenue, improve sales productivity, and get more ROI on your marketing investments. You have to contact them to know about the pricing. 


Datanyze helps you find and connect with B2B sales prospects using affordable and accurate information. They allow you to find and connect with your next customer and skate circles around the competition in real-time. With their Google Chrome Extension, Datanyze users can directly access contact and company data from the places they prospect most.


  • Allows you to use featured icebreakers related to what’s happening in a prospect’s world— curated from personal social media feeds, local news publications, and more
  • Helps easily manage and export contact lists.
  • Helps search and connect with prospects at scale.

Pricing: They have two plans. Nyz Lite is free, and Nyz Pro costs $55 per month.


Sleeknote helps you build multiple popups for different goals. It is trusted by more than 35,000 marketers and helps target each visitor with personalized pop-ups based on how much they know you and how they behave on your site. In addition, they help you take complete control of your pop-ups with their user-friendly campaign builder, and you can design and set up advanced targeting options—without a designer or developer.


  • Helps capture targeted email addresses without disturbing the user experience.
  • With their digital assistant, you can guide visitors towards better buying decisions.
  • Helps convert new visitors and old ones to repeat to increase product sales.
  • Helps give the visitors the product advice they need.

Pricing: The Basic plan costs 49 Euros, and the Plus plans 95 Euros. Their Pro Plan would cost 225 Euros, and Premium Plan would cost 369 Euros. Finally, their Enterprise plan would cost 549 Euros per month.

Ecommerce has been expanding a little too quickly and exponentially. It presents the store owners with hugeFinally and their opportunities and takes advantage of the opportunities; you have to have a good lead generation system. In our opinion, the tools listed here are the best eCommerce lead generation software tools present in the market. I hope this helps.

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