Best Lead Generation Software Tools for Real Estate: 2022

With lead generation software, you can keep your business thriving with minimal effort and increase productivity and conversions. Although the selling part has to be handled manually, you can automate lead conversions and reduce your workload to get better results. Lead generation helps your business capture prospects’ information when they visit your website to build the database of your contacts with the motive of converting them to your customers. In the business world, especially real estate, you need to focus on getting new leads via such software to make the process more seamless, efficient, and accessible. Here is a list of the best lead generation software tools for real estate that you can rely on.

How to Choose the Best Lead Generation Software Tools for Real Estate?

One software can’t be great for all businesses, and you simply need to look for software that truly fits your business and compliments it. However, there are some criteria that you can look out for which would help you. First, the software must be flexible, handle all of your activities quickly, and have comprehensive reporting capabilities. Make sure that the budget is not exceeded because of the money that goes into implementing this. Finally, you must make sure that it has excellent problem-solving power and works well for you in both cost and functionality.

Best Lead Generation Software Tools for Real Estate for 2022

1. FollowupBoss

The Sales acceleration platform for real estate, FollowupBoss makes sure that you do not lose any real estate leads. It takes the guesswork out of the process and turns leads into clients with an always-on follow-up that tells agents who to call and when to make the call. In addition, you can instantly assign leads to agents and be responsive to the new leads and send notifications and reminders to your agents. 


  • It is always running in the background, and new leads and inbound calls from listings or your website flow in and are automatically put into Action Plans, and emails and texts automatically go out
  • You can see the tasks for the day and start checking them off, one by one
  • It helps respond to all your emails, missed calls, texts and voicemails in one central spot.
  • You can review clients and lead lists in Smart Lists and call or text them. 

Pricing: All of their plans include phone and email support throughout the week. With their Grow plan, you can add texting and advanced lead distribution tools to empower your team to close more deals for $69 a month. With Pro, you can add calling directly in Follow Up Boss,

along with additional features designed for small-to-mid-sized teams for $499 a month. With Platform, you can add advanced functionality and services for teams of 15+ agents for $1000 a month.

2. BoomTown

The real estate marketing software, BoomTown, is an expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services that brings flexible packages that scale with your business. With their world-class lead generation, CRM technology, and real estate broker and agent software, and websites work hand-in-hand, so you can ditch the grunt work and focus on creating a delightful experience client talk about and real estate marketing strategies agents rave about.


  • They respond to prospects 24/7 in as little as 90 seconds, nurture them for up to one year, so agents get transaction-ready leads. 
  • They complement your advertising strategy, and their websites are optimized for performance. 
  • Helps auto-import leads from Zillow,, and hundreds of others into your database.
  • Their CRM monitors site visitors, analyze behavior and tells you who is interested in what properties.

Pricing: Their Launch plan is an entry tool to get your team off the ground, and their Core plan is the next step for growth and working your database. Their Grow plan brings a complete system to cultivate your team and market, and their Advance plan is an enterprise platform for market expansion.

3. Freshworks

The single source of trust, Freshworks, formerly called FreshSales, provides a 360-degree view into your customer, and your team can now use AI-based lead scoring, phone, email, activity capture, and more. They capture and combine customer experience in one place and are trusted by over 40,000 customers.


  • It helps create tasks, reminders, and appointments, get an overview of upcoming activities on the activity dashboard, and avoid missing opportunities.
  • They automatically assign leads to salespeople across territories based on lead-routing rules.
  • Helps deliver the right emails at the right time. 
  • It helps analyze visitor behavior and optimize your website for better conversions using Heatmaps, Session Replay, A/B Testing, and more.
  • It automatically enriches your contacts with their social and publicly listed information.

Pricing: Their Growth plan is perfect for small and fast-growing businesses that need an all-in-one CRM and costs Rs.2099 per month. Their Pro plan is best for larger teams that want to scale and build efficiency and costs Rs.5099 per month. Finally, their Enterprise plan has been built for enterprises that need customization and control and costs Rs. 9199 per month.

4. BoldLeads

BoldLeads helps you find exclusive real estate leads in your leads and helps thousands of agents generate over 800,000 buyer and seller leads in a year. It is the proven way to grow your real estate business and is trusted by the world’s most innovative real estate firms. They make it easy to generate leads and build a pipeline of prospects fast by giving you all the tools you need.


  • Helps send automated emails and texts that get responses. 
  • Gives automated CloudCMA reports and market snapshot reports. 
  • It easily integrates with your other platforms.

5. OnSpot Social

The industry-leading email and lead collection app OnSpot Social helps you significantly increase your email list and social following. It saves time, reduces errors, no more pen and paper forms. In addition, they help extend the customer experience with real-time data transfer from OnSpot Social to your existing sales and marketing platforms.


  • Helps with unlimited email collection, sign-ups, lead capture, contact information, and social media followers
  • It helps create fun experiences anywhere with branded games & contests, a photo booth, and unlimited mobile surveys.
  • Helps increase ad conversion rates with digital signage, product videos, and texting mobile coupons on the spot.

Pricing: Their Standard plan helps collect unlimited emails, leads, contacts, and social followers and costs $15 per device per month. Their Plus plan helps engage at $25 per device per month, and their Premium Plan provides a complete marketing solution at $35 per device per month.

Irrespective of whether the business is big or not, lead generation is a must. All of the platforms listed above have excellent capabilities to turn your website visitors into your users. All of these have impeccable merits and stand out. I hope this helps.

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