Instagram Lead Generation Strategies, Ideas, and Tips: 2022

In the past couple of years, social media has become an essential platform for all aspects of our life, business and personal. Instagram has grown phenomenally in the past few years and has dominated over all other social media platforms. Some marketers are under the impression that Instagram is not a good lead generation platform, but it makes for one very effective platform if used correctly. Social media leads are essential, and they are probable customers who show interest in your enterprise and give some data that you can follow up with. Generally, most of the accounts follow some business accounts, which is a great sign and intent that marketers can use, and most of the Facebook respondents said that they make use of Instagram to decide whether they would like to buy it. If you are not collecting leads on Instagram, you are missing out on many potential customers. Here, we have a list of the best Instagram lead generation strategies, ideas, and tips.

Instagram Lead Generation Strategies, Ideas, and Tips 2022

The most generic and obvious way is to use Instagram lead ads, which have been designed to assist businesses in collecting information about customers like their name, email, birth date, and such. These ads help businesses learn more about customers and better campaigns. You just need an Instagram business account.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can add action buttons to your profiles, and it can include a link with your email, phone number, and business address, which makes it easy to connect with you. Other than these buttons, Instagram offers Book, Reserve, and Get Tickets action buttons that take people to forms by Instagram providers like Appointy, Eventbrite, OpenTable, Resy, and more. 

Given that the link real estate on Instagram is limited, you would have to use your link space in your bio in the best possible way. This link must be indicative of whatever your motive is and what you want to accomplish. It could be a newsletter subscription, product sales, or a survey, and you can change links as many times as you wish. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make the link short and make sure to use your brand name in it
  • Use Instagram posts to promote your link.
  • Above the bio link, add a call-to-action

You have to make sure that you have designed a landing page that delivers. It must be scannable and must create a seamless visual experience, and most importantly, it must contain content that people are expecting to find. Your landing page should deliver whatever expectation call to action has been set up. Some brands use tools that turn their feed into clickable landing pages, and some pages choose to link to specific landing pages on their website.

You can use Instagram stories to embed links. This feature can be used to a significant advantage if your profile has more than 10,000 followers. Most of the viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses, and they have a higher completion rate. These are more effective than bio links because it simply takes a little impulse action and a swipe, and if you have a good landing page, it would be excellent. 

A powerful call to action is the best push for Instagram lead generation. When you pair short phrases with good content, like shop now, swipe up, and more, you can get many results. You must make sure that your CTA and visuals work hand in hand, and if you want someone to click on your bio, you must add a caption that encourages them to do that. Your call to action is the final push for it. 

Tagging products is a great way to increase sales because even if they do not make the purchase, they become a lead and a potential customer. Every month, more than 130 million accounts tap on product tags. This kind of information is very valuable when a savvy marketer knows how to use it well.  Use it to check the kind of products your customers are interested in.

One of the most effective ways to practice lead generation is to partner with an influencer account and select one with a powerful affinity with your brand and a partial follower overlap. This will help reach prospective customers. In addition, make sure the influencer has a strong trust with their fans, making them have the power to sway them to you.

Every business certainly needs to use Instagram to better their reach, and more than two-thirds of accounts follow business profiles. That being said, Instagram provides you a world of opportunities if you know how to use it well. Unfortunately, when you look for the best Instagram lead generation strategies, ideas and tips, you would find many clutter and outdated ideas that would not hold anymore. So this is a new list of the best practices to imbibe to better your business. I hope this helps.

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