10 Best B2B Lead Generation Software Tools: 2022

It is challenging for you to get leads for your business, even if you have the best product. If you truly want your company to succeed, you would have to attract leads that genuinely need your product. It is tough to find the right leads, and now,  there is a wide selection of software available that helps lead generation and is designed to help businesses attract the best leads and automate the entire process. There are a lot of solutions available that can supercharge your lead generation efforts in multiple ways. This list has several b2b lead generation software tools proven to be highly effective and can quickly deliver targeted and relevant leads. The wide range of solutions mentioned here can supercharge your efforts for lead generation in quite a lot of ways and take you from the process of lead generation to advanced ABM approaches and more.

How to Choose the Best B2B Lead Generation Software

The best B2B lead generation software is wholly dependent on what you need, and it is a head-scratcher, given that there is so many software available on the market. But, you simply need software that is compatible with your business and would complement it. So, do not fall for the shenanigans that the advertisements present, but focus on your business needs.

10 Best B2B Lead Generation Software of 2022

1. Unbounce

Known to help design the most beautiful landing pages, Unbounce helps create and optimize dedicated landing pages that prompt your visitors with one focused goal instead of leaving them to wander a site full of distractions. In addition, they help receive a pouring of leads by creating high-converting pages faster and optimizing campaigns on the fly without using developer resources.


  • Helps curate gorgeous, high-converting landing pages with Unbounce’s drag-and-drop builder.
  • In addition, they boost your conversion rates by creating AMP landing pages that load up to 85% faster than standard mobile pages.
  • You can publish your Unbounce landing pages to any custom domain or URL and seamlessly integrate them with your existing campaigns or URL structure.

Pricing: Their Launch plan costs $80 a month and is perfect if you work at a busy small business and you’re just getting started with landing pages. Their Optimize plan is ideal if you want to start optimizing your pages and get conversion at $120 a month. Their Accelerate plan helps you grow extra fast at $200 a month. Finally, their Scale plan helps get more traffic volume at just $300 a month.

2. Hubspot

HubSpot brings you a better way to grow, and it is a marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. They bring a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to grow better, irrespective of whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website. In addition, their customer-focused marketing goes beyond spinning up an ad, landing page, and kickback email and helps create campaigns that deliver remarkable, consistent experiences customers now expect.


  • Helps make successful marketing campaigns that deliver an end-to-end customer experience. 
  • With HubSpot Academy, you will learn everything you need to know on lead generation and beyond to run a successful marketing campaign.
  • Their built-in analytics and reporting make it easy to learn which pages, offers, ads, and traffic sources drive the most conversions.
  • You can sync all of your leads seamlessly from the ad network into HubSpot.

Pricing: They bring free and premium plans that grow with you. Editions starting at $0/month for the Free plan. It costs $45/month for the Starter plan and  $800/month for the Professional plan, and $3,200/month for the Enterprise plan.

3. SlideShare

With SlideShare, your audience can find you. Rest assured, there are more than 70 million professionals who are actively looking for content just like yours on SlideShare each month, and you can convert this targeted audience into quality business leads. If you just attach a customizable lead form in your SlideShare, you can get more leads from more channels, actionable and relevant leads.


  • Being one of the top 100 most-visited websites globally with more than 70M professional users, SlideShare can help you distribute content at scale. 
  • More than 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted searches by users looking for content like yours. SlideShare also gets 5X more professional users than any other social platform.
  • The lead form can be customized for your needs, allows geo-targeting, and reaches your audience on desktop and mobile to create quality leads.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

They help you build the right relationships and harness the power of LinkedIn to reach your sales goals. They help you quickly find leads and close deals, and connect with your customer’s new reality. You get more than 15% pipeline when using Sales Navigator to find customers, +17% higher win-rate when saving leads, and +42% larger deal sizes when you use it to connect with decision-makers.


  • It helps zero in on the right prospects and decision-makers, easily saves lists of target accounts and leads, and gets notified of new matches.
  • Bring more sales insights for effective sellings and keep you informed and up-to-date on your accounts, and leads to turn cold calling into warm conversations.
  • It helps leverage your company’s entire network for warm introductions, and start meaningful conversations with prospects, even if you’re not connected.

Pricing: Their Professional plan is for individuals who want to tap into LinkedIn’s network to increase pipeline and close more deals and costs $64.99 per month. Their Team plan costs $103.33 per month and is perfect for sales teams who want to harness the power of their shared network to build client relationships. Finally, for their Enterprise plan, you have to contact them. Again, it is ideal for sales organizations who want to take full advantage of LinkedIn and their expanded company network to build client relationships.

5. Zoom

Zoominfo understands how business contacts and company data change rapidly, making it difficult for new and existing customers. So, they made a proprietary engine that leverages human research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence across a diverse portfolio of data sources to continuously collect, validate, and manage the most comprehensive database of B2B intelligence available today.


  • Shows the latest market intelligence about what’s happening in the accounts you’re trying to reach. 
  • With ZoomInfo Scoops, you’ll have a current account of who was hired, who left, and what’s happening with that company in the news.
  • It also pulls intent signals from across various sources directly into our platform so you can identify and prioritize your outreach to companies that are indicating they’re ready to purchase.
  • It automatically pushes data intelligence directly into your CRM. With real-time information about contacts and companies sent directly to the right sales reps and teams, you can save time, streamline communication and alignment, and boost productivity.

Pricing: You have to contact their team to know more about their pricing.

It has been understood that a B2B lead generation software tool is necessary for you to ensure that your business runs smoothly. In this list of the best B2B lead generation software tools, you have been familiarized with the best the market has to offer, and you simply need to see which would deliver the best interests for your business and supports it well. I hope this helps.

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